Property management

The short and long term rentals market in Pattaya continues to expand as an increasing number of visitors choose the villa and holiday home experience over traditional hotels and resorts.This growth has created an opportunity for property owners to make a substantial financial return on their investment.A local property management company can handle the maintenance, marketing and rental of your property allowing you to reap benefits from the property when you are not enjoying it yourself.

Typical duties expected of a property manager include finding/evicting and generally dealing with tenants, home repair, home improvement, cleaning, garden maintenance, landscaping, and snow removal, to be coordinated with the owner’s wishes. Such arrangements may require the property manager to collect rents, and pay necessary expenses and taxes, making periodic reports to the owner, or the owner may simply delegate specific tasks and deal with others directly.

A property manager may arrange for a wide variety of services, as may be requested by the owner of the property, for a fee. Where a dwelling (vacation home, second home) is only periodically occupied, the property manager might arrange for heightened security monitoring, house-sitting, storage and shipping of goods, and other local sub-contracting necessary to make the property comfortable when the owner is in residence (utilities, systems operating, supplies and staff on hand, etc.). Property management can also include commercial properties where the property manager may operate the business, as well as managing the property. Some jurisdictions may require a property manager to be licensed for the profession.

The property manager has a primary responsibility to the landlord and a secondary responsibility to the tenant. The relationship the property manager has with the landlord and with the tenant are crucial in forming the expectations of both parties to the lease since both parties will seek and expect certain rights and benefits out of it.

Every property has some “first impression” points that make an impact upon the visitors and become the main reasons for a sealed deal. These can be anything from brand new floors to an ocean view for your house. Property managers take good care of these aspects and use their knowledge to help your property stand apart from the competition